What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Rapid Transformation Therapy is a hybrid therapy combing elements of traditional talk therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Hypnosis.

 Step One

During a RTT session, we would have an initial consultation period where we would discuss the goal for the session. It is important that the session focuses on one topic area. For example, if you wanted to quit smoking and quit drinking, we would need to book two separate sessions and focus on each separately. 

Once we have establish an aim for the session, I will ask you a few background questions to prepare for the session.


Step two


The next step is the hypnotic induction where you will be gently guided into hypnosis. This isn’t being put to sleep or mind control. You will be able to listen to and respond to my questions. You will also be in control of you responses and be able to decline to answer a question or share a memory should you wish. You are still in control during the session and can end it should you wish.


Step three


The brain has been utilising external intake and experiences from the time you were born to create memories, learning to walk and talk, understanding social norms. You have building these neural pathways for your whole life and some of these have been formed when you have a more limited understanding of the world. It is entirely possible that the behaviour driving the issue you wish to address in your session has started from a repressed memory from your past.



Step four

We will regress back to three key scene which are the foundations of the issue we are addressing in the session. We will delve into the memories your subconscious mind directs you to and apply logic to discover how they are affecting your life today. We will remove the old associations you have held with these memories and replace them with new positive associations. 


Step five

Once we have completed step four, we move on to re-programming where we will give your mind a series of new and empowering beliefs to replace the old programming and create powerful transformation. 

I will record this part of the session and ask you to listen to the recording each day for 21 days and then when required thereafter. This recording is personalised to you and your session. 


Limiting Beliefs 

RTT can help with: Confidence Issues, Money Blocks, Self-Worth, Weight Issues, Anxiety, Negative Thoughts


RTT can help over come additions to substances and help you quit drinking, smoking, taking drugs or over-eating. 

Repressed Trauma

RTT can help release unhealed trauma which may still be effecting your life, your health and relationships,

Would you like to experience RTT?

I would like to offer you the chance to experience a taste of Rapid Transformation with my Deep Relaxation Audio. This is a 15 minute guided hypnosis and meditation which I use with my clients to prepare them for full sessions. 

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