Transformational Life Coaching

You have to experience it to believe it. The transformations I see my clients undertake is astonishes and amazes me every time. There is no limit to what we can accomplish once we remove the obstacles and the beliefs which hold us back. 

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Deep Health

Transformation Coaching


Week 1: Assessment And Goal Setting (Existential)

What Is Important To You?

What Do You Want To Achieve In Life?

Why Do You Really Want To Achieve These Things?

What Are You Willing To Do To Achieve Your Goals?

What Challenges Might You Face And How Will You Overcome Them?


Week 2: Transforming Your Health (Physical & Environmental)

Your Personalised Nutrition Program And Access To The Procoach App

Nutrition Module And Group Coaching Call


Week 3: Conquer Emotional Eating

Learning To Practice Mindfulness With Our Eating Habits And Change Our Neuro-associations With Our Trigger Foods. 

Regulating Our Appetites 

Learning To Regulate Our Emotional Responses Without Food


Week 4: Routines And New Habits To Improve Your Brain Health (Mental)

Morning And Evening Routines

Resetting Your Circadian Rhythm For Better Quality Sleep

Learning A Simple Self Hypnosis Technique To Aid Sleep And Relaxation


Week 5: How To Manage Your Stress Load And Release Anxiety (Emotional)

Discover Which Areas Of Your Life Are Causing The Most Stress

Apply The Sphere Of Control To Your Stressors

Release What Is Outside Of Your Control

Mindfulness Techniques For Relaxation


Week 6: Discover What Is Holding You Back (Existential)

What Is Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals?

What Disempowering Neural Pathways Are Blocking You From Your Dream Life?

How To Disrupt And Remove These Disempowering Pathways.

What New Beliefs Can You Install Which Will Guarantee Your Success?

What Routines Can You Put In Place To Ensure That You Stay Empowered.


Week 7: Rapid Transformational Therapy Session (1:1 Session)

Once We Have Decided What Behaviour Or Emotional Changes Would Be Most Beneficial For You To Make, We Have A Power 1:1 Rtt Session. You Will Receive A Hypnosis Audio To Listen To Daily For The Remainder Of The Coaching Programme And As Required Thereafter.


Week 8: Managing Your Emotions (Emotional)

Reclaiming Your Power By Taking Responsibility For Your Emotional Life

Control The Direction Of Your Thoughts And Program Your Mind For Calm And Stability.


Week 9: Improving The Quality Of Your Relationships (Relational-social)

Planning To Have Quality Interactions With People In Your Life, Setting Intentions For Interactions And Effective Communication.


Week 10: Creating Your Action Plan (1:1 Session)

Now We Bring All Of Our Learning And Development Into A Concrete Plan Of Action To Accomplish Over The Coming Year.



1:1 and Group Coaching

Coaching can take place in small group settings and 1:1 with me. 

Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Access to the ProCoach app and high-touch nutritional support.

Full RTT Session

Select a focus for your personalised 1:1 Rapid Transformation session.

Book a Introductory Call 

Use the form below to book your complimentary 45 minute coaching call to see if we would be a good fit to work together. 

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I was blessed with Kristin’s nutrition coaching program and wholly recommend it. I was struggling with weight and lack of control over my own eating habits, with Kristin’s wealth of knowledge I was able to finally take back control and started seeing the results instantly with just a few adjustments. Not only I have adjusted my weight, my sleeping patterns have improved ten fold. I am so blown away by the amazing work she does, every second spent with her has been so cherished I couldn’t have made a better decision, thank you I am forever grateful for all your wisdom.


"I don’t even know where to start. You have literally changed my life.
When I started your coaching programme my life had little to no direction or focus, I mindlessly ate my way through each day without much thought as to the consequences and generally made “survival” my aim for each day. I couldn’t see how things could be any different.
But then, on 20 May, we had a coaching call that set off a series of events that helped set me on a path of the most remarkable change. And I haven’t looked back.
At the time of that call I weighed 10st 11lb. The only time I had been heavier was the year before, following the birth of my daughter when I topped the scales at just over 11st.
Still, 10st 11lb was not a number I was happy to see when I stepped on the scale. It was not a number that allowed me to feel happy in my skin. It was not a number that allowed me to fit into the clothes that hung in my wardrobe.
Was I skeptical when you told me the new food regime I would follow? Yes; more than I’ve ever told you!! Did I think it would work? Nope!! But I figured I had nothing to lose (other than weight!) so I vowed to stick to your regime for a week.
Well, the week after when I weighed myself I was in shock that I had managed to lose 6lb! When my husband saw this result he immediately joined me in the new “diet” and in his first week he lost 9lb.
And the weight has continued to come off at a steady, healthy rate ever since for each of us.
Since 20 May 2020, collectively we have lost 69lb: 29lb for me and 40lb for my husband.
I have surpassed my initial goal weight by more than half a stone. I am down 2 dress sizes but more than that my approach to and relationship with food has been changed for the better indefinitely.
I, we, literally cannot thank you enough."