Why Your Diet Isn't Working

Jul 09, 2020

You were born with a perfect ability to know how much food to consume and when to stop. As a baby, you fed only when you were hungry and you refused food when you had enough. 

Over the course of our childhood, we learn unhealthy eating habits. 

‘Finish everything on your plate.’

‘You can’t skip breakfast.’

‘You’re such a good girl – have a cookie.’

‘Had a bad day? Here is a chocolate bar to cheer you up.’

Through these unhealthy habits, we lose touch with our body’s natural ability to gauge when we are hungry and when we have had enough. The stomach loses control to the brain. 

And the brain says:

‘I’m bored, let’s make tea and have a biscuit.’ 

‘It’s been a stressful day, let’s have some wine and chocolate.’

‘Everyone else is having cake, I should have some too.’

When we diet, we are following someone else’s opinion of what we should be eating and how much. This causes us to ignore our own hunger cues and takes us further away from the intuitive eating that will allow us to maintain a healthy weight permanently.

Here are four tips to help you get back in touch with your hunger:

1) Keep a food journal for a few days and notice what you are eating, when you are eating, what triggered you to eat, how you eat before you ate and how you felt after you ate. 

2) Sit with your hunger sometimes. We are programmed for survival to avoid starvation, but in modern times with a cupboard and fridge full of food in the next room, we are unlikely to do ourselves any damage from being hunger from time to time.

3) Try to assess whether you are experiencing true stomach hunger or head hunger. Head hunger is when your brain takes control and turns up the desire to eat out boredom, habit, or to fulfil a purpose. 

4) Use the Hunger Scale to access your true hunger:

10     So Full You May Be Sick 

5       Full AND Satisfied

1       Starving Starving Hungry

Sometimes here are other underlying reasons why we have adapted unhealthy eating habits. Think back to your childhood and see if there is anything that comes to mind for you.

In Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) Weight Loss Sessions, we harness the power of the subconscious mind to make these connections and change the thought patterns causing them.   Hit reply to find out more if you think RTT might be helpful for you. 

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